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Opal Lee in Atlanta
Ahead of Debate
Atlanta, GA -- Nov 20, 2019 --


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Date: 11/20/2019


Ahead of the fifth Democratic debate in Atlanta, 93-year-old Opal Lee of Fort Worth, TX is honing her message of a Juneteenth national holiday and adding more miles to her journey with a walk from The King Center TODAY at 12 Noon.Her belief in the unifying potential of celebrating the holiday supports the mission of the Center to prepare global citizens creating a more just, humane and peaceful world using Dr. King’s nonviolent philosophies.

Four months after relaunching her walking campaign from 2016, she haswalked in Michigan, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, New Jersey, Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, Louisiana and Ohio. Ms. Lee plans to continue her trek across the country to tell about the unifying affect Juneteenth can have to heal the nation and wants the field of 2020 Presidential hopefuls to know she has her sights set on them.

She kicked off the online petition (the second phase of her awareness campaign) last month with a goal to garner 100,000 signatures to show Congress and the Administration that there is support across the country for this. Since turning 93, she acknowledges that time is of the essence and hopes that she will see legislation passed in both houses of congress in 2020 that updates US Code 36 which lists our national observances and holidays.

A board member of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) since 1999, Mrs. Lee is giving it her all to ensure that the importance of Juneteenth as a unifying event is not forgotten. If anyone wants to follow her journey, sign the petition or make a donation of support, they can do so at, on Facebook @opalswalk2dc or Twitter & Instagram @opalsw2dc.