Ms. Opal is walking Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020 in

Las Vegas @ 10:00 AM from Neonopolis / Freemont Plaza - 450 Freemont St. 



We want 100,000 online signatures!




A Message to My Friends

by Opal Lee



I'm sure we all consider our Juneteenths all over the country to have been FABULOUS! What a time! What a time we all had!
Now it’s time for US to get on with the business at hand of making Juneteenth a National Day of Observance. To that end I’m ready to begin phase two of my walking campaign for Juneteenth awareness. So invite me, call me, write me, text me and we can plan how to have the greatest impact to show the support of all 46 states that officially recognize this day of freedom. 
At 92, I'm three years older than when I did this before, but I'm still just as committed to give it all I've got to get the attention of the Administration and Congress for what we want accomplished. I'm looking forward to working with all the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) state and regional directors as we make this journey all across America. Let's line up our dates and get started!
I'll go where I'm invited, so we can get those 100,000 online signatures when we launch the petition. I'm willing to do my part in getting the need for this to be a holiday by drumming up interest in what we are doing, but I need all of you to take the little strength I've got to give and make a big show when I come to your town.

Remember our rallying cry None Of Us Are Free Until We All Are Free!  





























































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